Friday, September 28, 2018

Amitopia sweetheart


Alize diva yarn (any cotton yarn) skin color, blue for jeans, red and white color,
1.3 mm crochet hook (hook size depends on yarn size),
Sewing needle to weave in ends,
Soft wire (optional),
Plastic sole (optional),
Fiber fill.




Ch chain
Mr magic ring
St(s) stitch(es)
Sc single crochet
Inc increase
Dec decrease (invisible decrease or skip stitch)
Slst slip stitch
*No  Repeating times
(      ) Repeating what is in-between
Blo back loop only
Flo front loop only
Sk skip

link to download this pattern

hope you like it,
best wishes,

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  1. Can you show us how you wired the body? Are the arms and legs wire connected? What method did you use for the eyes? They look very pretty. Thank you for sharing your pattern!