Monday, May 30, 2016

Clown gloves

Materials :

Worsted weight yarn,
4 mm crochet hook,

Abbreviations :

Ch _ chain
Sc _ single crochet
Sc blo_ single crochet back loop only
Slst _ slip stitch
Hdc _ half double crochet

I followed the gloves pattern in the link below which isn`t mine but the sizes always fit:

I add the clown by myself by:
Putting the bow ribbon in the middle of 1st round of the Hand's part.
placing the mouth above the bow  in the 3rd round And pulling the central part down and sewing it.

Sewing the button Between round 4, 5 above the mouth Making a nose.

sewing the beads Iin the 6th round leaving 2 stitches in between them as in the photo.

Finally sew The multiple colored hair between The 7th & 8th rows as Iin the photo.

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Best wishes Mero.

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