Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Photo Frame

This can be a suitable gift for wedding, friends, parents, so have fun :)


Cotton yarn,
1.5 mm crochet hook,
Photo or pic,


21 cm * 16 cm.

Abbreviations :

Ch _ chain
Sc _ single crochet
Sl st _ slip stitch
Dc _ double crochet
Trc_ triple crochet
SP _ Space
St _ stitch

Pattern :

Round 1 : ch 96, join with sl st at the 1st chain in ch3, (sk next 2 st, dc in the next st, ch 2, dc in the same st) repeat till the end, join with sl st making sure that the last st is ch2 joining at the top of 1st ch3.

Round 2 : (2 dc , ch 2, 2 dc) in each space of the ch2 below, join with sl st.

Round 3 : sl st in the next 3 st, ch 6, (sc , ch4, sc in the same chain space), ch6, ( sc , ch 3, 2 dc but don`t draw the loops so 4 loops in the hook and draw them all at once"1st cluster"),
cluster of 3 trc in the next space, ( cluster of 3 dc in the next space, sc at the same st), ch 6, (sc , ch4, sc in the same space), ch6, ( sc in the next chain space).

Fast off, weave in ends.

Sew beads (optional)

Place the photo on the cardboard using glue, cut it with scissors to fit the frame, then glue the frame on it.

transparent paper can be used to protect the photo before the frame.

Hoping that you enjoyed this,
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  1. WOW! I'm totally gonna try this! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  2. that is easy and beads makes it stunning,
    thanks for passing best wishes for you.